Broadening Service Horizons for Shopify Stores to Deliver Enhanced Value and Address Varied Business Needs.

Shopify Development
Shopify Development

I. Consultation and Needs Assessment
II. Custom Shopify Store Development
III. Shopify Theme Customization
IV. App Integration and Development
V. Responsive Design Implementation
VI. Data Migration and Setup
VII. Quality Assurance and Testing
VIII. Training and Documentation
IX. Post-Implementation Support
X. Client Collaboration and Approval

Ui/UX Designing
Ui/UX Designing

I. User-Centric Design Strategy
II. Wireframing and Prototyping
III. Visual Design and Brand Integration
IV. Responsive Design Implementation
V. Intuitive Navigation and Information Architecture
VI. Interactive Elements and Microinteractions
VII. Usability Testing
VIII. Accessibility and Inclusivity
IX. Cross-Browser Compatibility
X. Continuous Collaboration and Feedback Loop

SEO and Digital Marketing
SEO and Digital Marketing

I. Comprehensive SEO Audit
II. Keyword Research and Strategy
III. On-Page Optimization
IV. Off-Page Optimization and Link Building
V. Content Marketing and Guest Posting
VI. Technical SEO
VII. Analytics and Reporting
VIII. Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Advertising
IX. Social Media and Email Marketing
X. CRO Analytics and Reporting

Order Management
Order Management

I. Order Processing
II. Inventory Management
III. Order Fulfillment
IV. Returns and Refunds Processing
V. Custom Order Handling
VI. Multi-Channel Order Integration
VII. Customer Communication
VIII. Analytics and Reporting
IX. Continuous Process Optimization
X. Fraud Prevention Measures

Customer Service & Support
Customer Service & Support

I. Multi-Channel Support
II. 24/7 Support Availability
III. Technical Assistance
IV. Returns and Refunds Support
V. Personalized Support
VI. Social Media Engagement
VII. Proactive Communication
VIII. Escalation Handling
IX. Feedback Collection
X. Performance Metrics and Reporting

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